Welcome to Manufacturing Greatness: The 3 Reasons Behind Our New Name

Operations Kickstart is now Manufacturing Greatness!

After years of helping manufacturing organizations combat disconnect by connecting the top to the shop floor, my team and I are excited to keep up the same work under a new name.

Why The Change?

While change can be scary and uncomfortable, this shift felt right for three big reasons.

1. A Name That Feels Like Home

When I decided on the name Operations Kickstart in 2016, it combined many of my favorite things: my favorite Motley Crue song “Kickstart Your Heart,” KISS lettering, my Honda CR125 dirt bike, and my passion for helping organizations “kickstart” their operations. The name is also extra special because the logo and name was brainstormed with my mentor, the late great Rudy Gheysen and his daughter Lyndsey. But the Operations Kickstart never felt like home to me, leading me to search for a name that would fully describe my mission.

2. Symbolizing What My Clients Need

While looking for a new name, I wanted to find something to symbolize what I brought to my manufacturing clients . . . and I came to realize it wasn’t just a “kickstart!” Instead, I wanted to fully transform organizations and help them find small, continuous ways to improve connection, stay curious, and pursue greatness every day. Long-term change doesn’t happen with a kickstart, and I wanted a name that would reflect this realization.

3. Welcoming Diana

The new name also reflects a time of exciting change for me and my team, including the addition of Diana Soares as a partner in the business. Diana brings 30 years of manufacturing industry experience, and is an expert in building relationships and getting results. Diana is also a certified Genos Emotional Intelligence practitioner and a graduate of the Center of Executive Coaching. She has traveled North America working with plants to connect the top to the shop.

Let’s Manufacture Greatness!

With these reasons in mind, I decided on Manufacturing Greatness. It’s a name that symbolizes our mission of guiding manufacturing teams into greatness by bridging disconnect, fostering curious dialogues, and sharing the tools for finding stronger leadership and more productive outcomes.

To learn more, contact us and see how we can help you manufacture greatness in your organization!