Podcast - Mindfulness Manufacturing

Trevor Blondeel ran manufacturing facilities and was not always a very ‘Mindful’ leader.  He didn’t have a resource like this when he was caught in the whirlwind of manufacturing. 

Experience taught him that you can be assertive and drive accountability, and also be kind.  Inspired by the desire to make manufacturing a better place to work, and improve the lives of their colleagues, this podcast was born. 

His intriguing offsets and authentic guests provide new ways of thinking for his audience. Have a listen to this relaxed, candid format you can consume on your drive to work, or whenever you are just looking for a different perspective!

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Mindfulness Manufacturing

Testimonials - Evan Pelton

Perfect Morning Mantra! I've incorporated this podcast as part of my morning routine before work and it is truly a fiery way to start my day. This will give the listener a refreshing perspective on managing and help prepare them for the day ahead.

Evan Pelton,  Manager at NSG Pilkington

Testimonials - Missy Jackson

Love This Podcast!! All of the episodes contain a wealth of information, which I am able to implement in my everyday job duties! Do yourself a favour and start listening today!

Missy Jackson,  TL A-Crew Supervisor, Nucor Tubular Products