The Time To Win: How to Exceed Customers’ Need for Speed

| Jay Baer, 2024

What’s It All About?

We all only have so much time available to us, and how we spent our valuable time is more important than ever. In The Time to Win: How to Exceed Customers’ Need for Speed, Jay Baer shows why he’s truly the expert on speed, responsiveness, and bringing a competitive edge to your customer experiences.

As a concise “mini-book,” The Time to Win was designed for our busy lives. But while it can be read in a short time, The Time to Win is packed full of great insights about the key relationship between responsiveness and revenue. In the book, Jay breaks down the importance of speed and shares his six components for building a faster, more effective framework::

  1. Perform a Got It Audit
  2. Answer Before They Ask
  3. Respond Without Answers
  4. Set Speed Expectations
  5. Close Uncertainty Gaps
  6. Offer a Fast Pass

Jay’s insights and frameworks are simple and easy to digest, while still giving you the tools you need to forever change your approach to speed.

Favorite Quote

“Today you can decide whether you want to be fast and inexpensive, or fast and high quality. But being fast is not optional”

Biggest Takeaway

A Time to Win is a gamechanger! Every day, I receive many messages, emails, and text. It feels overwhelming to keep up, let alone give thoughtful replies or make sure I’m sharing the right information. This often leads to me taking days to reply, which creates extra stress for me and anxiety for the person waiting on my response.

By implementing Jay’s “response without answers” component, I’ve found a way to deal with this challenge. Now, I’m making sure to take the time to answer all communications, even if it’s just with a simple message like “I’m on the road right now, but I saw your note and will get back to you by Monday.” While a message like this might not answer any questions or give a definite answer, it’s drastically better than not responding for days!

Using this approach is going to change my personal and work relationships, and I know others will find their own important lessons from The Time to Win!

Bonus Information

Jay Baer is coming soon to the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast on July 24th, where he’ll share more great insights on speed and improving customer experience. Stay tuned for his episode!

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel,  July 3, 2024

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