What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that enables us to better perceive, understand, and reason with our emotions and the emotions of others to get productive outcomes.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

In fast-paced organizations, emotions run all over the place with your team, colleagues, customers, suppliers and others.  These feelings influence our decisions, behavior and performance in fascinating ways we don’t think about.

Positive feelings have a ‘broaden and build’ effect causing us to think more broadly, engage more deeply and perform better.

Negative emotions tend to have a ‘narrow and limiting’ effect, causing us to be more closed-minded, less engaging and poorer at performing.

We know, empowered staff are more engaged, and an engaged team, gets results to the bottom line.  In a high performing organization, people experience more positive emotions and less negative emotions than those in low performing organizations.

How to Engage with Emotional Intelligence?


I had the privilege of attending a webinar re: Emotional Intelligence that Trevor Blondeel was hosting! I left completely enthralled by Trevor’s presentation. I was very intrigued by the whole concept of Emotional Intelligence & was curious to explore mine personally! I contacted Trevor pronto at the close of his presentation! Trevor was quick to respond to my inquiry and swift to enact & report upon the results of this survey. The insights & interpretation Trevor provided were and are Invaluable! The results, qualitative feedback, were insightful, validating, and empowering!! I strive daily to Create the Best Version of ME, & I believed that this resource/tool could assist me in my personal growth and self discovery and that it has!! Trevor thoroughly reviewed the survey results & spent ample time allowing me to ask questions and reflect. If you are someone who leans into vulnerability and desires personal/professional growth, you will want to contact Trevor to set up your Discovery Session!

Amy Sampson – Academic Advisor at Indiana Connections Academy