How do YOU show up?

Do we really see how people perceive us? There is a growing need to understand how to work together in business, compounded with strenuous unprecedented times we all have endured. These programs give you customized data by measuring your observable behaviours and specifically what are the one or two adjustments one can make to positively impact your team’s performance and culture! These are essential skills required for leaders to have the resilience and emotional dexterity to weather the next crisis in a tactful and supportive way.

Game Changing for Business, Life Changing for People

These cutting edge programs bring together the latest research, assessments, tools and techniques in Emotional Intelligence, to empower leaders naturally bringing out the best results in themselves, others, and the organization. Certified with Genos International as program instructors, it is our highest recommended offering, with two options to deliver in-person or Live Remote!

About Live Remote Leading with Emotional Intelligence Program

Based on emotional intelligence and social neuroscience, a powerful, interactive leadership learning program that boosts essential leadership skills for 2023 and beyond. A live remote instructor-led program, this leadership learning journey will help enhance demonstrated emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence Timeline
Leading With Emotional Intelligence Timeline


  • Six 2 Hour live remote instructor-led learning modules (Additional 60 min opening and closing sessions)
  • Professionally facilitated modules that include breakout room activities, group discussion, polls and chat
  • A digital workbook to support note-taking, capturing insights and development planning
  • Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessments will be provided during the program and are used to turn feedback into actionable development steps. Available digitally or can be provided via a one-on-one coaching debrief.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Module 1 - MODEL EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP



  • Explore the social neuroscience of emotions
  • Determine the link between emotions, decision making, behavior and performance
  • Review the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership behavior for your leadership context
  • Receive feedback on how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership behavior
  • Develop a point in time, context-specific action plan

Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Module 2 - AWARE LEADER



  • Develop self-awareness, a better understanding of yourself, your triggers and default behaviors
  • Enhance your understanding of others and how to flex your leadership style to better connect, communicate and influence different personality types
  • Learn about the social neuroscience of empathy and how to demonstrate more empathy in your leadership and management of others

Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Module 3



  • Create a culture of open, robust, healthy debate
  • Respond effectively when challenged
  • Express your thoughts, feelings and perspectives with confidence and finesse
  • Better manage performance related issues through clear, authentic and open dialogue

Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Module 4



In this session participants will:

  • Reflect on and discuss the approaches taken and outcomes achieved from completing the learning assignment from the previous module

Develop the skills and behaviors associated with emotional reasoning to improve how you:

  • Explain the rationale behind decisions made,
  • Involve team members in decisions that affect their work,
  • Support team members to navigate through change and transition
  • Take the bigger picture into account when decision-making,
  • Make more ethical decisions.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Module 5


Resilient Leader

  • Explore the science of stress and resilience
  • Understand the responsibilities leaders have to create a mentally healthy workplace environment for others
  • Identify different Thinking, Physical, Relationship and Environmental strategies to boost your own resilience and that of your team
  • Enhance your capacity to positively influence the way others feel

Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Module 6


Empowering leader

  • Explore the science of human motivation and engagement
  • Apply a model for improving the motivation and engagement of your team
  • Provide more constructive feedback on behavior and performance
  • Better facilitate team member development and career advancement discussions
Testimonials Brandon

I’ve been through a lot of training; Manufacturing Greatness’ Leading with Emotional Intelligence program was different for me. I felt like this training was pointed toward me as a person. It helped me recognize myself when it comes to my emotions and taught me when I need to take a step back.

Brandon Burrell, Spartanburg Steel Production