Infinite Influence: Captivate, Connect, and Compel Anyone, Anytime

| Alyson Van Hooser, 2023

What’s It All About?

When we have conversations on the shop floor, we’re often in a state of influence—and how we show up for those conversations impacts the outcome. If you are curious and intentional, you’re more likely to get your desired results. And if you choose the wrong approach, the conversation might not play out the way you want it to, even if you go in with the best of intentions.

So how can you improve the way you influence and show up? In her book Infinite Influence: Captivate, Connect, and Compel Anyone, Anytime, keynote speaker, leadership expert, and all-around amazing human Alyson Van Hooser shares her seven top secrets for growing your “infinite influence” and shifting your mindset to learn the skills you need to find stronger outcomes, strengthen your relationships, and take yourself to the next level of success.

Infinite Influence is rooted in personal stories, which makes it easy to instantly connect to her concepts and lessons. She offers simple solutions for connecting on a deeper level and using influence in a positive way, and I know I left this read wishing I had Alyson’s book twenty years ago when I was running a manufacturing plant.

Favorite Quote

“We are innately wired to consider our past experiences as we move forward and attempt to make more informed decisions.”

Biggest Takeaway

We all know the “golden rule” about treating others how you want to be treated. But when leading with the golden rule, we can fall into the trap of running on autopilot and leading with assumptions, rather than curiosity and intentionality. Alyson’s book delves deeper into this concept. It includes great lessons about to use curiosity to impact your conversations, delve deeper into your relationships, and harness the power to find better relationships and better outcomes.

Bonus Information

Alyson Van Hooser was a recent guest on the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, where she shared a combination of personal stories and memorable anecdotes to show the importance of influence within teams and organizations, plus discusses how curiosity and intentionality can make a big difference in how you influence and communicate with others.

Listen to Alyson’s episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing here!

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel,  January 16, 2024

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