Developing a Performance Partnership with YOU to engage your employees

Many organizations know why they need to make changes to get results.  They often know some of the what, and they even know some of the how.

With Manufacturing Greatness, you have a Performance Partner that works alongside of your company, enhancing your ride to World Class Operations, delivering the results needed to drastically improve the culture of your organization.  From safety, to quality, and most importantly attendance and turnover, all these drivers shift results of productivity and profits in a positive direction.

Providing impact-driven training and development solutions that transform workplace culture, creating efficient, high functioning teams, led by strong confident leaders is what we do.

A Proven Three Step Strategic Process

Manufacturing Greatness has a proven, 3 step strategic process to support getting you there.  Like an 18-wheeler struggling to move down the highway, so is the life of a hard-working GM or owner. We will first do an assessment with a full circle check of your operation. With a clear understanding of what behaviour will have the greatest impact, laser focus will be given to implement that change.  Heading back on the road to test the upgrades, I will be there at the next weigh station to check in on how things are sustaining.  Before you head out, we make the next improvement, and get right back on the road again.  

With each repeat of the process, your drive, your organization, and most importantly, your life, gets better every day.



Every great operation has good things happening and with room for improvement. Being caught in the day to day activities and crisis, can make it difficult to see the most obvious gaps. With a keen set of eyes and over 20 years of transformational leadership, Manufacturing Greatness will conduct a thorough ‘circle check’ of your operations. Just like an 18 wheeler ready to take off, so is your organization, to the journey of World Class Operations.

This one day event will include job shadowing, informal interviews, and observations to assess a current state of your operation. After the analysis, Manufacturing Greatness will return with a formal report with recommendations, as well as the positive aspects to highlight to your team and customers.



Our customized approach balances the structure and systems required with the self-awareness and development of EI skills to sustain your results.

Based on the results of the Circle Check, we will prioritize in parallel what structure needs to be in place to support the behavioral change in the team.

Having worked with many world class organizations, Manufacturing Greatness has an array of standards and templates to create that necessary foundation.

As we put those tools in place, our people-centric approach combined with our access to highly sought-after assessment tools, allow us to navigate throughout the many different relationships that exist within an organization. We know from experience, that tough conversations are often part of the required realignment and help to facilitate these in a way that opens dialogue and allows people to properly show up; creating increased awareness and removing roadblocks to the overall success of your business.

Ken Testimonial

Trevor has the ability to guide people to open up and give honest feedback and opinions. Driven with expertise in Leadership, he brings fresh energy and positive change to On Time Precision Components.  We know “what” we want from our business and Trevor brings the “how” do we get there, supporting us not to get stuck in the day to day rut of operations. We have truly seen a difference in our bottom line with Manufacturing Greatness as a partner in our business!

Ken Handsaeme,  President, On Time Precision Components



The Manufacturing Greatness difference lies here.  With a combination of audits and checkpoints, your business will now be set up for success as a learning organization.

You pay for results, and we ensure that sticks for the long haul.  Long after our core services end, we continue our Partnership, with support to ensure the efforts are sustained.