What is it?

PXT Select ™ is the superior pre-employment screening and coaching tool that helps you find and keep the right candidate for a given job based on data, not impressions. 

How does it help?
  • Match the right person to the right job based on science and objective data
  • Get a clear picture of candidate’s job fit based on cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and interests.
  • Interview with confidence
  • Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement
  • Improve the new employee onboarding experience

A proven 4 step process!

Step 1: PLAN | Know the Job
  • Identify the traits and behaviors required to perform a job successfully
  • Align early in the hiring and selection process by defining targets across cognitive traits, behavioral traits, and occupational interests
Step 2: ASSESS | Know the Person
  • Ask candidates to respond to a set of questions to determine their fit to the position
  • Includes personalized questions to probe for how candidates might respond in different situations
Step 3: CHOOSE | Know the Fit
  • Compares candidate results to the job requirements and provides an overall Job Fit result
  • Unique Job Fit feature, PXT Select measures the overall fit to the role across 20 different variables that span Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, and Interests
Step 4: ENGAGE  | Know Your People
  • Full suite of reports helps managers support new employees to ramp up quickly and effectively. 
  • Used beyond hiring and selection, PXT Select™ can help managers onboard, coach, and develop new hires, or develop existing talent in the organization.

Trevor went the extra mile for us during the launch of our greenfield manufacturing site.  He got our staff focused on what we were actually looking for in a candidate, and how they fit into the team and work together.  With his expertise, he helped us to understand each other’s personalities, identified where our strengths lied, and set us up for success in the future!

Eduardo Quintero, Human Resource Manager, NSG Pilkington