Emotional Culture Index (ECI)

How measuring the pulse of your floor ties to results!

In high performing companies people feel significantly more engaged, cared for, valued, proud, and motivated than those in low performing companies.  Conversely, in low performing companies people feel significantly more fearful, stressed, disempowered and uncertain.

How do you know what that pulse is?

The Emotional Culture Index measures exactly this!

This all can be done live remote when you receive a link to send out to your department or entire organization!  

A short 5-minute survey produces a report for you in real time, with demographic and emotion descriptive that are customized to your organization.  All respondents remain anonymous, answering 10 questions in three dimensions with free text responses.

Once complete, you will receive your one hour complimentary debrief of the results, including a customized report you keep!

Why not Now?

Trevor knows what makes people tick, and what shuts them down.  Recently I took over an operation and suspected what the issues were and the culture transformation that was needed the Emotional Culture Index survey with Manufacturing Greatness, confirmed what I thought, and enabled us to turn that survey into a report that gave us a place to start. It really nailed where we were at! Trevor’s coaching gets your mind working and flexing its muscle. With his help we were able to change the mindset and six months later we shifted in the in the right direction.

Joe Johnson, Senior Director of Mortgage Sales at Zillow Home Loans