Removing Roadblocks by Changing Behaviors to Get Results

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Dates getting missed
and deadlines not met?
There is a customized
solution for that.

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And not delivering
the results you expect?
This proven strategic process
gets you that impact. 

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Frustrated losing great
staff and attracting
new people? This
program turns that around.

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Reducing Turnover & Increasing Productivity

Leaders need to retain and attract the right staff, increase productivity, get the team on the same page, and hold employees accountable. As a trusted partner who understands what it’s like to be in your shoes, we can tackle these challenges with you.

Drawing on our 25 years of hands-on manufacturing experience, we will customize an approach that fits your organization. We will establish accountability, ensuring you get discretionary effort from each and every employee.

25% of manufacturing workers are engaged at work, 8% less than the national average of 33% according to Gallup in its State of the American workplace, making it the least engaged industry.

What is the pulse of your floor?

You now have a way to measure the pulse of your floor virtually. How awesome is that?

Discover precisely what is driving your operation, decisions, behaviors and ultimately results in your organization. 

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Podcast - Mindfulness Manufacturing

Trevor Blondeel has been in manufacturing leadership for over 25 years and saw a need for mindfulness in manufacturing. For people looking for ideas to have a better day in their chaos, this is the place!

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