Passion, Purpose, and Perseverance: Powerful Lessons from Dragons’ Den

Have you ever wanted to pitch your great ideas on a show like Shark Tank or its Canadian equivalent, Dragons’ Den? Canadian entrepreneur Tonia Jahshan had the experience of a lifetime when she and her husband pitched their loose-leaf tea company, Sipology, on Dragons’—and Tonia recently came onto the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast to give a behind-the-scenes look at her journey and share some powerful lessons she learned from her Dragons’ Den experience.

Whether you’re dreaming of pitching a great product or looking for a way to show your leadership on the manufacturing floor, Tonia’s tips ensure you’ll be able to show up with your best foot forward!

Tonia’s Tip #1: Show Up With Passion

In all aspects of your life and business, you need to show up with passion! When you’re positive and passionate about what you do, it will spread to others on your team and improve morale and productivity for everyone in your organization. And if you’re not passionate about what you do, others will feel the lack of energy.

Tonia’s Tip #2: Find Your Purpose

Similarly, you need to find purpose and joy in what you do. If you lose your sense of purpose, it can lead to burn-out and maybe mental health issues, which can wreak havoc on all areas of your life and business. If you feel like you’ve lost your purpose, don’t be afraid to take a pause. Reflect on what you want and need, think about creative ways to rework or reconsider what you do.

Tonia’s Tip #3: To Keep Persevering, Protect Yourself

Leadership and entrepreneurship require challenging work and many different demands on your time and energy. To give yourself the tools you need to persevere, attend to your own mental health. This might mean setting boundaries, creating a mindful routine for yourself, or being open to support from your team.

Learn More on the Podcast

Tonia Jahshan’s episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing is filled with great stories about her experience on Dragons’ Den and her growing success with Sipology. To hear her stories and insights for yourself, be sure to listen to her episode here.