Manufacture Your Own Greatness: Three Lessons From Our New Name

Last month, we made a big announcement: Operations Kickstart is now Manufacturing Greatness! This new name symbolizes our mission of guiding manufacturing teams into greatness by bridging disconnect, fostering curious dialogues, and sharing the tools for finding stronger leadership and more productive outcomes.

Are you ready to manufacture greatness in your own organization? Here are three simple, actionable lessons you can learn from our new name and logo!

Three Lessons for Manufacturing Greatness

Lesson #1: Care Deeply

To manufacture greatness, you must care about how you show up. Think about others and how your actions impact them. By being intentional about your behavior and how you show up every day, you can find the path toward productive results, improved relationships, and a decreased disconnect. This is symbolized by the heart in the logo.

Lesson #2: Develop Your Skills

Connection is a skill. It takes time and practice to develop the ability to connect with others in an authentic way. To build your connection skills, treat it like you’d treat the process of building a technical skill. Stay curious and stay willing to shift your mindset and learn from new perspectives. The importance of connection and other emotional intelligence is why we include a brain as well as a heart in our logo!

Lesson #3: Be Intentional

This lesson is right in our name! With the right heart and emotional intelligence, we can lead with intention. Our intentions don’t always align with how others perceive us, but by using our hearts and minds to change how we show up, WE can all manufacture greatness!

Learn More with Manufacturing Greatness

We’re excited to keep helping others improve their organizations by connecting the top to the shop floor! To learn how we can help you and your team, contact us here.