Built to Finish: How to Go the Distance in Business and Life

| Steven Pivnik, 2024

What’s It All About?

What do you get when you mix a serial entrepreneur and an intense endurance sport? One heck of a story! In Built to Finish: How to Go the Distance in Business and Life, information technology entrepreneur and endurance athlete Steven Pivnik shares his own formula for success and how others can find the grit to start, the stamina to finish, and the balance to live fully.

In Built to Finish, Steven combines his two journeys in life: his journey down the path of leading an international software and services company, and his journey of leaving Russia to come to the United States. He also weaves in stories and lessons about his quest to compete in the IRONMAN world championship in Kona, Hawaii. His stories from both areas of his life are fascinating and motivating, and his great writing kept me turning the pages.

One thing I especially loved about Built to Finish was how Steven gets to the point. This book is a speed read, and gets to the main points while leaving out the fluff. I found this to be a very reader-focused approach, as it provided great value without getting repetitive or feeling it was just trying to fill the pages.

Favorite Quote

“Pace is not a speed. Rather, it is a situational response to the circumstances you face.”

“Many people subscribe to the false notion that there is always time to do something twice, but there’s rarely time to do it right the first time.”

Biggest Takeaway

Some of the most important decisions we make revolve around how we spend our time and energy. In Built to Finish, Steven compares this concept to knowing your pace while climbing a mountain. If you go too fast while climbing a mountain, your body will give up on you—just like speeding to roll out a new product or process can lead to errors and pitfalls. To find the best outcomes, take a pause. Pay attention to your environment and be intentional about your speed and pace. Don’t be afraid to slow down and listen to your surroundings, and you’ll find intentional new ways to reset and move forward.

Bonus Information

After reading Built to Finish, you’ll feel inspired to do more! You can learn more from Steven Pivnik on the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, where he talked more about the lessons in his book. You can find his episode here.

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel,  February 01, 2024

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