How to Use Curiosity and Compassion to Become a Self-Awareness Champion

Do you want to improve relationships at your organization and change the way you show up for your team? It all starts with self-awareness . . . and “self-awareness champion” Zovig Garboushian is ready to help.

With years of experience in brand marketing, management consulting, and leadership development, Zovig now puts her passion and experience to use at Boldness Ablaze, a boutique professional firm that helps leaders overcome personal limitations and find authentic success. She recently came onto the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast to talk more about the importance of self-awareness and share some of her best tips for how leaders can use skills like curiosity and compassion to improve their self-awareness and how they show up for themselves and their organization.

The Role of Self-Awareness

In her episode, Zovig defines self-awareness as the ever-changing relationship you have with yourself, as well as the key to having the kind of life you want for yourself.
By developing your self-awareness, you can learn to:

  • Recognize when something in your life is incongruent with what you want for yourself
  • Behave in more natural ways
  • Add value to the world in your own unique way
  • Form stronger connections in both your professional and personal life

Even in an industry like manufacturing, where it may often feel like there’s no time for feelings, developing your self-awareness plays a key role in shaping how you show up every day.

How to Become a Self-Awareness Champion

Tip #1: Take a Pause
In manufacturing, it can feel impossible to take some time for yourself. However, allowing yourself moments of pause goes a long way toward improving your self-awareness. Throughout your day, take small moments to pause and reflect on your behavior, interactions, and if you’re showing up in a way that feels right for you. These pauses don’t have to be big—even a thirty second pause to take a breath and collect your thoughts is enough.

Tip #2: Observe Your Behavior
Similarly, pay attention to your behavior and emotions. Are your shoulders tensed? Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming presentation, or dread the thought of checking your email inbox? By paying attention to your own behavior, you can notice if something feels incongruent with what you want for yourself. If you’re in-tune with your own behavior, you can use it to show up with intentionality and have a greater impact.

Tip #3: Practice Self-Care
If you want to be self-aware, you need to attend to yourself. This means practicing self-care, in whatever form works for you! Self-care doesn’t necessarily mean taking a day off to go to spa. It might be something as simple as meditating in the morning, allowing yourself some white space in your daily schedule, or taking a walk around your plant to check in with yourself and your team. Through practicing self-care, you can improve the way you show up for yourself . . . and this will positively impact how you show up for others.

Bonus Tip: It Takes Courage
Practicing self-awareness takes courage! At first, it might feel strange to practice self-awareness, especially in manufacturing. But by following Zovig’s tips above and treating yourself with compassion and curiosity, you can find new ways to develop your self-awareness, improve your impact, and present the best version of yourself.

Learn More on the Podcast

To learn more about self-awareness with Zovig Garboushian, listen to her episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing here.