Appreciation: More Than a Once-a-Year Job!

What’s the difference between an “average” team and an “amazing” one? That was the exciting question behind my recent Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, where I was joined by my friend Dustin E. James.

Dustin shared some great stories about his past experiences, turning them into lessons leaders can use to connect with their teams, find new inspirations, and take their entire organization to the next level of greatness. Here are just a few great tips you’ll hear on the podcast.

Average to Amazing, Tip #1: What Makes Your Team Tick?

To build a healthier and stronger team, Dustin recommends leaders get to really know and understand each individual member of their team. What makes them tick? What motivates them to do a better job? What’s their goal? To find the answers like these, stay curious. Show up everyday ready to be present and connect with your team. You never know what kind of interesting answers you’ll find.

Average to Amazing, Tip #2: Your Team is Doing the Best They Can

Another way to “manufacture greatness” is to understand that sometimes, your team members are doing the best they can. Instead of immediately jumping to pushing someone to change their behavior or improve their results, take some time to understand their situation. Then, work with the team member to find the best way to move forward. This builds trust and shows empathy, plus saves energy on trying to change someone’s behavior when it might not need to be changed.

Average to Amazing, Tip #3: There’s Always a Lesson

As a leader, you and your mindset also play a role in taking your organization from average to amazing. To help leaders improve their mindset, Dustin shared a great story about a time when he was having a bad day on the job, which soon turned into a great lesson about the value of his work and made him realize his work was helping others. He uses this story to show that there’s always a lesson to be learned . . . even on the most difficult and challenging of days! As a leader, don’t be afraid to face challenges. Instead, approach them as an opportunity to learn a lesson. You just might find a new way to inspire yourself and your team.

Average to Amazing, Tip #4: Don’t Show Up to Be Second!

Above all, taking your team from average to amazing means you must show up. There will always be challenges or complications. As a leader, you need to show up every day ready to grow and inspire. By giving your best every day, you show your team they’re part of an amazing organization. This will motivate them to take their own steps to become much more than average!

Learn More on the Podcast

To hear more fascinating stories from Dustin E. James, check out his episode of the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast here.

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