Write a Must-Read: Craft a Book That Changes Lives—Including Your Own

| Author : AJ Harper, May 2020

What’s It All About?

What makes a book a “must-read?” Whenever I read a new book, this is a question I like to ask myself. Oftentimes, I take notes as I read. I write down my biggest takeaways, what I enjoyed about the book, and if I thought reading it was a valuable use of my time. I love to share my insights through my book reports and videos and enjoy spreading the word about books that have helped me find new ways to grow.

That’s why I was so excited to check out AJ Harper’s Write a Must Read and find out what really goes into creating the books I love. After a decade of experience as a ghostwriter for best-selling books, Harper has developed a practical system that breaks down the steps aspiring authors can follow to get started on writing their very own “must-read.”

This book is for non-fiction writers who are serious about committing to the process. If you’re looking to get a book written and published in under a year, this probably isn’t the read for you. But if you’re willing to be curious and put in the work, Harper offers fascinating, step-by-step insights on how to craft an engaging, impactful book people will want to read again and again!

Favorite Quote

“A book is not about something. A book is for someone”

Biggest Takeaway

In every moment we have with others, the greatest gift we can give is our full presence and our best attempt to connect. This is true when writing a book, too. If you want someone to read and enjoy your book, you have to put them first. One more to practice this “reader first” mindset is to really focus on creating a book that other will benefit from. To read your book, they’ll be giving up valuable time, attention, and energy. In exchange, you need to give them something they want to read.

Bonus information

As I read her book, AJ Harper’s writing helped me challenge my own thoughts and beliefs in a deep, meaningful way. If you read this book and go on your own journey to starting the process of writing a must-read, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel,  February 13, 2023

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