Appreciation: More Than a Once-a-Year Job!

How often do you show appreciation or give positive feedback to your employees? Like many leaders, you might only give positive feedback at certain points, like after an employee gives a great presentation or finishes up work on a big project. With some team members, you might even only share your appreciation during an annual review.

However, showing employee appreciation shouldn’t be a once-a-year job! In a recent episode of my Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, I was joined by author and HR professional Lisa Johnson to talk about why appreciation should be an everyday occurrence on the manufacturing floor—and what busy leaders can do to weave positivity and appreciation into their daily schedule.

Appreciation: The Difference Between Average and Above-and-Beyond

Appreciation plays a huge role in the health of teams and organizations. In organizations where leaders give positive feedback, employees have higher morale, which leads to increased productivity, better results, and a happier environment where everyone has the potential to learn, collaborate, and grow. In a positive environment, employees don’t just show up and go through the motions of their job. Instead, they show up every day feeling energized, motivated, and ready to go above-and-beyond.

How Leaders Can Show More Appreciation

While appreciation is important, it can be difficult to leaders to find time in their crowded schedule to show positive feedback. To help leaders incorporate simple appreciation into their everyday, Lisa offered some great tips:

1. Find a method that works for you

To find the best ways to show appreciation, spend some time thinking about your schedule, your leadership style, and how and when you want to show appreciation. Then, find a method that works for you. For example, maybe you often find yourself noticing good behavior but then forgetting to praise the employee later. Create a system to keeping voice notes on your phone, so you can go through it later and remember exactly what you wanted to say.

2. Practice discipline

Getting better at showing appreciation takes discipline! Know that it can take time and commitment to find the best methods for you. Stay curious and don’t be afraid to look at new solutions, even if they challenge your routine and mindset.

3. Be Transparent and Specific

When giving feedback, try to be transparent and give specifics. Rather than saying “you did a good job today,” consider saying something like “great job on that safety check today.” This lets your team know that you’re really showing up and paying attention.

Learn More on the Podcast

In her episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing, Lisa Johnson shares more great tips on how leaders can weave appreciation into the everyday. To learn more, check it out here.

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