Win the Day! Using Motivation, Engagement, and Intentionality to Find Productive Results

Are you winning? I love to ask this question when I enter a manufacturing plant, and it’s always interesting to see the variety of results.

I recently had my own win—reaching Episode 100 on my Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast! I started the podcast in 2019, and have released an episode every two weeks without a single missed week. With the podcast, “winning” meant releasing my weekly episodes on time and creating something of value for my listeners with each episode. It’s also a win to have made it this far with Mindfulness Manufacturing, as only 10% of non-sponsored podcasts hit the 100-episode milestone.

To celebrate my 100th episode, I had the perfect guest: my friend and former neighbor Eric Berdan. After years of experience in manufacturing and running factories, Eric now works as the business optimization leader for Nestle North America. In the episode, he joined me to talk more about what it means to “win the day” and shared some insights leaders can use to motivate their teams and find more productive results.

Win the Day Tip One: Engage Your Team

While the answers to “are you winning?” often varies greatly between team members, everyone on your team has some kind of goal. For some, it might be a long-term plan, like becoming a manager. Others might focus on more day-to-day to goals, like meeting a quarterly metric or acing an upcoming project. To engage your team, find out about their goals and daily activities. Make them feel valued and supported in their own goals, and they’ll be motivated to play their part in improving success for your entire organization.

Win the Day Tip Two: Set Expectations

Similarly, remember that not everyone on your team will hold themselves to the expectations you personally set for yourself. Instead of forcing your own expectations on others, allow them to work within their own frameworks. For instance, they might set goals that are more sustainable for them, or work at their own pace.

Win the Day Tip Three: Be Intentional

When working toward your own goals, intentionality plays a big role. By being intentional about your mindset and how you start your day, you can set yourself up for wins and new success. For example, you might start your day by working out or writing in a journal. By finding a method that works for you—and then sticking to it—you can find momentum and get yourself into the productive, positive mindset you need to win the day.

Learn More on the Podcast

If you want to hear more from Eric Berdan and find new ways to win the day in your own organization, don’t miss his episode of the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, which you can listen to here.

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