Three Lessons for Growing and Harnessing Your Infinite Influence

On the manufacturing floor, you influence people every day, from encouraging a valued supplier to stay with your organization to motivating an underperforming team member to step up their game. But what exactly is influence, and how can you unlock the skills you need to improve the way you influence your team?

Alyson Van Hooser has the answers! Alyson is a keynote speaker, leadership expert, and the author of Infinite Influence, which offers the keys to unlocking more productive relationships and outcomes. She recently came onto the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast to talk more about the power of influence, and shared some tips on how leaders can use curiosity and intention to change the way they influence others.

How to Grow Your Infinite Influence

Tip #1: Know the Difference Between Influence and Manipulation

Right off the bat, Alyson made one point very clear: influence is NOT manipulation! To find strong relationships and better outcomes, remember that you can’t force or influence someone to do something they don’t want to do.

Unlike manipulation, finding your infinite influence starts with growing your own skills. To improve how your influence others, think about your own skills and behavior. In particular, pay attention to intentionality and curiosity. Be open to shifting your mindset and changing the way you think about your team, and you can unlock the skills you need to grow your influence and develop healthy, productive relationships with your team.

Tip #2: Lead with Curiosity, Not Assumptions

We all know the old saying about making assumptions . . . but when it comes to honing your influence skills, even the best-intentioned assumptions can lead to friction and disconnect. To improve your relationships and influence, rely on curiosity instead of assumptions. Start productive conversations, get to know your team members, and find out what they really need and want.

On the podcast, Alyson used workplace birthdays as an example. Some people might love the attention of an office party, while others might be uncomfortable with the spotlight, or have a reason for wanting to stay quiet about their birthday. Instead of making the assumption that everyone wants a party, talk to your team members. Ask them how they want to be acknowledged—or if they want to be acknowledged at all—and find a way forward that makes them feel supported and valued..

Tip #3: It’s All Starts Small

Growing and harnessing your infinite influence doesn’t have to mean a radical shift. Instead, it all starts with small moments. Start by changing how you show up in small ways, like taking the time to get to know a team member or blocking out some time in your schedule to reflect on your own behavior.

Most of all, take the time to invest in your team, your organization, and yourself. Successful organizations are built from the support and investment on others, and even a small shift in how you show up for your team can lead to big outcomes.

Learn More on the Podcast

To learn more about influence with Alyson Van Hooser, listen to her episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing here.