Ready to Write a Must-Read Book? 4 Methods for Getting Started!

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Do you have a great idea, but no idea how to find the time to start? In her book Write a Must Read: Crafting a Book That Changes Lives—Including Your Own, AJ Harper addresses questions like these. With years of experience as a ghostwriter, AJ has developed a practical, step-by-step method other aspiring authors can use to get started on their own “must-read” book. She recently joined me on my Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, where she shared some tips even the busiest manufacturing leaders can use to commit to crafting their own “must-read” book.

Must-Read Tip #1: Have a Reliable System

Much like manufacturing, writing a book requires developing repeatable, reliable processes. Throughout your writing process, you’ll likely encounter challenges like time constraints and schedule interruptions, as well as internal issues like self-doubt or tough feedback from your own inner critic. When you have your own strong and repeatable process for committing to your book, you can overcome challenges like these.

Must Read-Tip #2: Find Time to Write

To write a book, you need to find time to write! However, this be easier said than done, especially if you’re in a fast-paced industry like manufacturing. You might not have time to write thousands of words every day, but that’s perfectly okay. As AJ stresses in her podcast episode, writing doesn’t have to be daily and you don’t have to get down tons of words every day. As long as you’re finding regular chances to write—and the definition of “regular” is up to you and your own unique writing system!—you’re still working toward your end-goal of writing your book.

Must-Read Tip #3: Remember the Details

While you’re in the process of writing your book, you might encounter ideas or experiences you want to include. If you don’t have time to write down the full idea, you can leave yourself a note with the main bullet points, or create a note in a voice app. Details play a key role in strong storytelling, so remember to note the details as you see them.

Must-Read Tip #4: Reader First!

This is one of my favorite tips from AJ. While you’re writing your book, approach it with a “reader first” mindset. Instead of just thinking about your objectives and what you want to say through your book, think about your readers, how you want to make them feel, and what you want them to get out of reading your book. This allows you to better understand your audience, so you can create a valuable experience for your readers.

Bonus Tip: They Haven’t Read YOUR Book

While you’re writing a book, it can be easy to feel discouraged when you see books with similar concepts as yours, or when your inner critic distracts you with thoughts about how your ideas are nothing new. But remember: the world hasn’t read your book! Even if similar ideas have already been shared, you can still bring your own unique voice and perspective.

Learn More on the Podcast

To hear more about crafting a must-read book with AJ Harper, check out her episode of the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast here.

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