Own the Day, Own your Life:
Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping, and Sex

| Author: Aubrey Marcus, 2018 |

What’s it all about?
Are you struggling with a busy life? Can’t get time to focus on what you want to do, or what you need to do? I talk a lot to my clients about how they can be a “Victim” or a “Victor” of their day. If you are looking to get to the side of victory and take responsibility for your own success or gain more energy to be successful, this book will interest you!
In this book, ‘Own the Day, Own Your Life’, Aubrey Marcus breaks down his personal approach to owning his day, and he makes no apologies or excuses in doing so. From morning routines, to eating, to how you get ready for sleep, there is a ton of good stuff here. If want to improve your health and have more control over your life it is a great, entertaining read. Some of it may not resonate with you, and at times it may feel like a plug for his company, but I would be surprised if you can’t take a few points out of this to own a little more of your day. I personally have implemented a few actions and am already seeing the benefits in my productivity! I like his balance of being mindful and kind as well, and the reminder for me of how we are all connected to the universe (going to reread that part).

Favorite Quote

‘You are not rewarded for the comfortable choice.’

Biggest takeaway

I read this after two good friends recommended it and it was just what the doctor ordered. In summary, my biggest takeaway was about being ‘intentional’ with your time, which is one of my greatest values. Focus in that area it helped me improve, creating some small but important habits for success. From a cold shower in the morning, to time I now dedicate to no distractions from phones or social media, this book helped me own my day and prioritize my most important goals. It’s not about making one big change, rather small changes that lead to great success.
If your day is running you like a whirlwind, there will be no time left for you improve yourself. This read is all about improving you! Isn’t that important?

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel