Bringing Everyday Magic to the Manufacturing Floor

On the manufacturing floor, you might not see rabbits being pulled out of hats or people vanishing in a puff of smoke, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t everyday chances to create a little magic!

According to my recent Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast guest, speaker, author, entrepreneur (and magician!) Jon Petz, magical moments are all around. By tapping into your own intentionally and creativity, you can turn simple encounters into moments that surprise, delight, and inspire your team.

What are Magical Moments?

On the podcast, Jon defined magical moments as any moments or encounters that make your team members feel supported, valued, and encouraged. Above all, magical moments remind your team that when they show up for work every day, they’re showing up to be part of something special.

How to Create Magical Moments

Since creating magical moments often revolves an element of surprise and spontaneity, you can’t always plan them ahead of time. However, you can use mindfulness to think about what your team wants and needs to feel encouraged and empowered.

To do this, be intentional about forming connections with your team members. Engage with them outside of their role in your organization, and take time to learn more about them as a person. What are their passions and goals? What is their typical mindset when they show up for work? What do they need to feel inspired? Be genuine in your outreach and interest, and have the courage to delve into deeper conversations.

By talking with your team, you’ll get a better idea of their mindset and needs. Then, look for ways to use these insights to drive magical moments. For example, if you know your team member Katie places a high value on employee appreciation and you notice she’s recently gone above-and-beyond on a project, you can create a magical moment for her by taking the time to appreciate and acknowledge her great work. It might only take a few minutes out of your day, but for Katie, it creates a work environment that makes her feel supported and valued.

Bonus Tip: Lean Into Organic Moments!

While it’s important to get to know the needs and passions of your team, creating magic also means leaning into organic, unplanned moments. If you find yourself with a chance to surprise or acknowledge a team member, take it! By being spontaneous with your moments of magic and appreciation, you show your team members you’re always paying attentions to their needs, passions, and hard work.

Learn More on the Podcast

To hear more fun insights from Jon and learn how you can create more magical moments in your own organization, don’t miss his episode of the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast.

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