How to Use Positivity to Unlock Stronger Connections

If you want to improve safety, quality, productivity, and results, the first step is looking toward improving connection. With more mindfulness and connection, your entire organization can thrive. But from “energy vampires” to negative self-talk, there are many factors that can stand in your way of creating a more mindful, positive organization.

How can you combat positivity-draining challenges like these? Find out in the latest episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing with guest Jon Gordon! Jon is one of the top three leadership speakers in the world, and his talks on mindset and leadership have inspired hundreds of organizations. He is also the bestselling author of 28 books, including one of my favorites, The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy. 

In this episode, Jon talks about some common challenges faced by organizations, plus shares insights from The Energy Bus and beyond that leaders can use to bring more positivity, mindfulness, and connection to their team and organization.

Positivity Challenge #1: Energy Vampires

In The Energy Bus, Jon has a perfect name for negative people who try to suck out all your positive energy: energy vampires. From apathetic coworkers to naysayers who don’t believe in your goals, you are always going to have energy vampires in your life or organizations.

Instead of letting energy vampires get your down, look at them as a test. Every encounter with a negative person is a chance to build up your own power and resilience. Over time, you’re build the skills and grit you need to overcome any negative influence in your life.

Positivity Challenge #2: Your Inner Voice

Sometimes, your biggest enemy isn’t another person . . . it’s your own negative inner voice. If you find yourself faced with negative self-thoughts, it can impact your ability to show up as your best self for your team.

If you find yourself dealing with a negative inner voice, look for the wound. What’s causing you to feel so negative? Is it an experience from a past? Is something in your personal life impacting the way you show up at work? Once you identify your wound, you can take steps to heal, grow, and find productive ways to feed yourself with new encouragement.

Positivity Challenge #3: Focusing on Results

In an industry like manufacturing, the focus is often on results and outcomes. But if you only focus on the outcome and ignore the process, it’s a recipe for disconnect. While focusing on the outcome might get the job done, it can come at the expense of safety, productivity, and meaningful connections in your organization.

To combat these issues, shift your focus. Pay more attention to your processes and team at every step of the way, and work to build stronger connections through productive conversations. “Focus on the root instead of the fruit,” as Jon puts it in his episode, and you’ll find ways to bring both positivity and productivity to your processes and outcomes.

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