Welcome Mindfulness Manufacturing community!  Enjoy more great discussions with Andrew De Haan Part 2.  He is a culture builder in automotive manufacturing.  A toolmaker with a love for people and leadership.  He touches on aspects of emotional intelligence, discusses his mistakes and successes, and shares a few laughs.  Including his mantra of -Do what is right, Do the very best you can, and Treat people the way you like to be treated.

1/ 2:00. 30/50/Green – A bottom up reapplication of manufacturing.  What's really changed?  Everyone is working incredibly hard, but the results are not changing, we had to face the facts!  We knew we needed a customer to have a business, people to process the work and we needed to generate a return on investment= 30/50/green!

2/ 14:30 Always important to be self-aware. Knowing who we are is more important than what others think.  Every time you step into a new role you have a new opportunity to reflect on what worked and what didn’t.  

3/ 16:00 Like to have a good time.  No one takes on a new role with the idea of failure in mind, but it happens.  If we feel we can influence or change or situations and there is a return on it then we should do it, if we can’t it is time to move on.

4/ 20:13 What to look for meeting people, 3 quick evaluation tools.  Does the individual know what they are talking about?  Can I trust them, which is purely instinctive, first impressions are important.  And do they care about me personally, do they have the ability to build a relationship?

5/ 27:20 The salty email she thought she would get fired for.   Always representing the values of the organization are so important, being direct and clear to help build people, coach mentor and guide.

6/ 30:40 When and how to speak your mind – awareness of others.  I have always been very vocal, always spoke my mind maybe when I shouldn’t have.  A little more tact would have been far better for me.  We learn from our mistakes, reflection helps.


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