Welcome Mindfulness Manufacturing community!  Today enjoy some great discussions with Andrew De Haan.  He is a culture builder in automotive manufacturing.  A toolmaker with a love for people and leadership.  He touches on aspects of emotional intelligence, discusses his mistakes and successes, and shares a few laughs.  Including his mantra of -Do what is right, Do the very best you can, and Treat people the way you like to be treated.



Part 1


1/ 4:55 Neutral to Positive or completely negative.  The instant feeling we get when starting a conversation with a person, are they thinking like a victor or a victim.  WE know this in the first part of a conversation with any individual.


2/ 6:30 Be confident in who you are.  Self awareness and confidence both have a very important part within a Leadership position.  Be confident in what you represent, helping the organization and helping solve problems, talking about the facts are good leadership qualities.


3/ 7:20 You can’t be 100% technical.  Andrew talks openly about the balance of technical skills and people skills. Explaining the role each plays as a leader and the importance of how both play a role in manufacturing.


4/ 9:10 Need to know who you are and add value to people’s lives.  Being self aware and clearly knowing yourself are key items to helping the people around you.


5/ 12:05 Focus less on me and more on others.  Spending time understanding the importance of helping others and less time focused on yourself is the job of a Leader.


6/ 13:45 Still about results. At the end of the day, results are what matter!


7/ 17:30 Culture of Engagement.  Gaining the trust of your people and instilling a sense of pride creates a culture of participation and engagement.


8/ 18:30 Frogger – an easier way to get across.  Watching people take a shortcut to get to the other side of a very busy highway made me realize I needed to do something different with my leadership team. Taking the time and having the patience and not looking for short cuts are essential to Leading a team.