The E-Myth Revisited:
Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.

| Author:  Michael E. Gerber, 2005 |

I had this book recommended to me by numerous colleagues. Last month, I was able to read it, and I just did again. I had to, it’s so fitting for many of my clients.
My passion for helping the small business owner is electric, and this book really gave me another jolt! Simply changing some perspectives on how you look at your operation, can be a game changer. We get so passionate about the current issues and people in our organizations, we lose sight of the importance and stability of having great structure and systems, and I am all about that!
Think about it, most owners want options. Look at your own organization; if you were to duplicate it, but you could not take your people, what would you have? What are the things that are so stable and pure, that this would work for anyone. If you are investing in a company, do you just want the best people, or a place where average performers could be successful because the organization is rock solid?
The main theme of this book focuses on owners and managers who are working ‘in the business’ as opposed to working ‘on the business’. Michael does a great job of going into this explicitly. At a high level, the difference is simply being caught up in the day to day, short term thinking of the reactionary needs of the business, as opposed to stepping back and seeing the big picture of the organization.
What can we all take away from this? The owner or CEO can sometimes be the one getting in their own way, without even knowing it. Great read for any business needing a fresh perspective.

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel