With Intention: A Proven Path to Uncommon Results, Unleashed Influence, and Ultimate Fulfillment

| Author : Jon Giganti, 2022

What’s It All About?

Do you ever start with positive intentions, but struggle to take the action you need to find your desired outcome? You might have an “intention deficit disorder!” This feeling is definitely something I’ve struggled with before, but I feel much better about it after reading Jon Giganti’s With Intention.

Jon is a friend, professional speaking colleague, and amazing human being. He is also someone who has struggled with mental health, and used his own vulnerability to craft the authentic, transformational lessons and stories he shares in With Intention. In his book, he presents the concept of his “With Intention Wheel,” which includes components like awareness, agency, and ambition. He also shares how to master and leverage these components, so you can find success in areas like identifying your blind spots, taking ownership of your past, and impacting your world and organization in a meaningful way.

I read With Intention in one sitting on my way back from a vacation in Portugal, and found it to be a very inspiring read, with a great combination of Jon’s personal stories and actionable insights and models.

Favorite Quote

“Schedule margin. Don’t overbook yourself with meetings and calls.  Doing so dumps cortisol into your bloodstream, unleashing an abundance of byproducts that negatively impact your health.”

Biggest Takeaway

When Jon talked about building into others and the energy we have, it felt like a humbling punch between the eyes! This past year, I’ve been more focused on my work than ever before, and I’ve been working jam-packed days and using my weekends to catch up. Through his book, Jon shifted my intention. His words showed me that through stepping back, I can actually have a greater impact. Through allowing myself more space in the day, I have more opportunities to take action and serve others.

Bonus Information

Jon’s book is a great investment, and also includes a course for crafting your own “With Intention Plan.” In his course, Jon walks you through three sections: your current state, your future state, and what you can do to close the gap. It really took me to the next level, and I would highly recommend it!

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel,  October 31, 2023

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