Leaders Eat Last...
Why some teams pull together and others don't

| Author: Simon Sinek in 2014 |

What’s it all about?
You’ve probably heard the term ‘Servant Leadership’. There are many versions on it and books written. When one of my clients asked my recommendation for a good read on this topic, this one came to my mind immediately! No questions in my mind, it really is ‘why some teams pull together, and others don’t.’
In his book, ‘Leaders Eat Last’, Simon Sinek tells some great stories to get you thinking differently about how to build a team or run an organization. With a great balance of examples and some neuroscience to back up why these situations were, or were not successful, in my opinion he really pulls it together. If you get the environment right, it will lead to motivation and a desire to change behaviours on how you are leading your people.
Being a fan of Simon, this report may be a bit biased. How I run my business and my life, pretty much lines up with Leaders Eat Last, which is why I have read it multiple times on audio and with the old school book in my hand. I use Simon’s phrase ‘People come to be led, not to be managed’ on a regular basis. One would think this is a common practice in manufacturing, but it is not. Tight deadlines and targets drive short term thinking, and often out the window goes the higher-level thinking of allowing those experts in the organization to do their job. Based on field experience, these concepts really work, if you can stick to them.
I found this book to be an easy read, smooth flow, with different stories along the way to keep you engaged. I have read some criticism on a lack of actionable items, or not enough new information. I read a lot, and personally I learned a ton from this book, going back to it over and over.

Favorite Quote
‘Leadership in is not about being in charge, it is about taking care of those in your charge.’
It is one thing to say this, but another to do something that demonstrates it. If you want to build trust, involving people before any important decisions are made in their area will do that. And before you rebut that statement, are you about to make an excuse?? To earn trust you must extend trust, that’s the only way it works.

Biggest takeaway
If inspiring stories and proven theories on this topic are not enough for you, then maybe your biggest takeaway will be the same as mine. The way he explains the chemicals in our brains, good and bad, and simplifies this was life changing for me. This accelerated my drive in the Emotional Intelligence field. It allowed me to see the big picture in manufacturing and how our leadership skills, or lack of, are driving all the wrong behaviours. Do you want to make more parts or improve your productivity?

Have a read, and you may never see things the same way again.

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel