The guys take some time to talk about what they have learned about authenticity  based on their success and failures. Signs on how you can tell how self-aware people are, and ways to show up as your best self!

  1. 2:55 The ways we got better.  We discuss our offsets and the benefits of this.  Being different is good as you learn from each other and grow.  Emotional Intelligence.
  2. 5:05 If you have to announce it your likely not practicing it!  Ways to be more mindful and come from a place of authenticity.  Saying your something all the time doesn’t necessarily mean your living it!
  3. 7:00 Your a good dancer.  Mike tells a story from his past on how he would use big words to try and impress people and all he was doing was confusing people.  It is so important to be yourself and not dance around the issues.  Always be real and yourself.
  4. 11:35 The Asshole Pill!  Discussion on the feedback we both received years ago on being more of a hard leader on the people, and to take an “Asshole Pill”!  Rather than sending a person away crying we talked through situations on how we could do things different and be a good leader for the people.
  5. 14:25 Being open to change, can I show up a bit differently for the better.  Partnering with the right fit and we share experiences on growing and learning all the time.  
  6. 15:30 Mike your just too nice, take the “Asshole Pill’.  Mike shares his experience on reflecting on how to be assertive and respectful to the people.  Are you willing to trade in your beliefs for something you are not?  Can you sleep at night knowing your being something you are not?
  7. 19:25 The autopsy review.  Mike shares a story of how we can all get into a mode of deflating others and ourselves.  A leader’s job is to help pull the person out of being defeated and inspire others to have a purpose.  What can I do different to get a different result?  Can’t just be about coming in and building product has to be about giving people purpose.
  8. 21:15 Ask for help.  Trevor explains his current partnership with an organization and the steps this owner is taking to be a better leader with self-awareness.  
  9. 24:20 The top of the organization and the willingness to want to make a change for the better.  Being open to change has to start at the top for it to work.
  10. 25:40 How do you have mindfulness without human connection.  You will have people that you don’t connect with and that’s okay, be curious and learn from each other.  Offsets are so important for all of us.