Privileged to have this dynamic woman share her path of mindfulness growing in all areas in manufacturing Human Resources, and now teaching these lessons at the college level.  Join us as we have fun with our friend Lianne Gallie, who provides great insights in how channel your emotions with intention!

  1. 2:19. My growing up phase.  Lianne talks about her discoveries around emotion and passion and how they can work for you or against you.
  2. 4:40. Passion the definition.  Lianne talks about how she portrayed passion and how this was perceived by her Leader and others and the impact that had on her and her career.
  3. 6:00. Mindfulness, the moment to moment awareness.  Knowing in the moment where you are at and the importance of talking through things.  Accept and let it go!
  4. 8:37. I moved on.  Lianne goes into detail and explains the valuable lesson she learned years ago from a not so favorable situation.
  5. 10:04. My message is not, not to be emotional.  Be conscious of what you do and say and try to learn this early on. Be aware of your emotions and knowing when it is good timing to show them.
  6. 12:45. Gas or water, you decide.  As a leader and being mindful we have a choice to help resolve situations or add to them.  Do you know what’s inside your bucket?  Are you bringing gas or water, how are you showing up?
  7. 14:45. The importance of H.R. experience and operations experience.  The group discusses the experiences and the power of having worked in H.R and also working in operations.  The value of being well rounded and how this helps.
  8. 17:40. Lessons learned.Lianne explains the importance of learning from mistakes and how we don’t have to answer questions right away.  Take a moment to understand and then answer.
  9. 21:00. You don’t have to be the first to finish the race.  The group discusses how manufacturing can be very hectic and it’s okay to take time to step back or away and ensure you are handling situations appropriately.
  10. 23:10. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  Lianne opens up the discussion on the importance of this statement and how important it is to allow yourself to be you.
  11. 24:40. Employee involvement.  The power of asking the employees to assist in problems and creating ownership at shop floor level.
  12. 27:45. Lianne's closing comments “One last thing woman need to think about”.