Join us for the first time recording in separate locations.  With everything going on in our world and practicing safe distancing we wanted to do our part and still provide you, our listeners with a good quality podcast.  Today’s theme is resiliency and how do we work this into our daily lives during this  COVID-19 pandemic?  We share different ways to make the most out of our situation, how do we not allow our emotions during these times create more fear and keeping the perspective that this too shall pass.  

  1. 1:20.  The topic today is resiliency.  During these uncertain times keeping in mind we are not alone; we are in this together.  How do we adapt to stress and the different landscapes we are in?  With this comes growth and different ways of thinking and what will our world look like months from now.
  2. 3:30.  If you don’t like what your focused on change it!  How do we do this?  If you can focus on others, who can you help, who needs your help?  Diverting your attention a lot of healing can come from that.  Make best use of your day to be better!  When you find meaning in your suffering it ceases to be suffering.
  3. 5:36  Labeling it is important.  Once we identify something and label it we can focus on it and work through it.  It’s a good time to look deeper into self, ground yourself and look at what is important in your life.  Look at one day at time.
  4. 8:00  It doesn’t matter what your situation is, if you are working or not working, everyone has level of being uncomfortable.   The fear is common for all of us, no better time for mindfulness and understanding our own emotions.  Every one of us are capable of observing on our own emotions.
  5. 10:56  What will it be like in 6 months?  We know great things will come from this, not totally sure what these are but it will happen.  As the saying goes, you can go through it or you can grow through it!  Looking for different ways, people are very giving right now! 
  6. 12:24  The thinking for resiliency!  We have the physical, how much sleep are we getting, exercise and finding ways to do new things.  Making good use of our time, relationships and connecting with people, who needs that phone call?  Using today's technology to see each other from all around the world.  Use the different platforms that are available to all of us.
  7. 14:42  The only thing you can control is your reaction to what is happening around you!  We are all human and accept the situation, diffuse the emotion and gain control over it.  Have a little self-compassion.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  If you miss certain routines that’s okay, get back on track and get back into your rhythm.
  8. 17:05  Watch a movie!  Take the time to enjoy a movie, laugh and take your mind off of the everyday stress we are all faced with.  Focus on what your in control of!  Doing different things is so good during these times to help with these circumstances.
  9. 18:48  Social media.  How can we use this to connect and express ourselves!  so many different ways to spend our time!