Welcome Mindfulness Manufacturing community! Today we get some great insights from JC Wilkinson.  He is currently the  VP of Business Transformation for Vivid Impact based in Louisville KY.  Prior to Vivid Impact, JC spent 10 years as a COO/CFO for privately held organizations and another 10 years working with regional consulting firms providing accounting, tax, and operational support.  In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), JC is Six Sigma Greenbelt trained, a Charted Global Management Accountant (CGMA), and holds the designation of APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM).  



  1. 1:10 Transformation.  Growing a company on what matters most and what matters least.  Listen how J.C. explains the challenges of execution and how everything starts with the Leader.  Leadership is commitment, devotion and alignment.


  1. 5:35 Leadership, hours on the floor.  It’s important the leaders are on the floor.  J.C. explains how the process of tracking the number of hours each leader dedicates to the shop floor.  He talks in detail about leading with humility and developing a culture of respect.



  1. 8:40 Language and people.  We start at the top and establish a cascading effect right through to the operator, linkage is very important.


  1. 10:57 Measurement drives behavior.  Safety, People, Quality and Cost, the people are super critical, the hiring of the right people in the hiring process is the most important thing.


  1. 13:34 Turnover.  Check first to see, am I treating my external customer better than my internal customer?  J.C. explains the impact the book, “The Dream Manager” had on him and how they incorporated this into their work place.


  1. 15:04 Emotional connection.  We asked the team members, what are your dreams, what are your aspirations?  We put out a culture survey to capture data, with questions such as, “what can the organization do to help you be a better version of you”?


  1. 17:10 Leadership alignment and consistency.  Common challenges, managing through the chaos and fighting fires.  J.C. explains the importance of standard work and how that helped to bring clarity and control to the work day.


  1. 22:15 People wanting leadership positions.  Clarity, expectations are so important to people seeking leadership positions.  When we are faced with problems, we always bring it back to, “how is this helping our customers”?


  1. 24:20 What do you look for in an employee?  We established a criteria matrix comprised of skills and behaviors.  We use a role descriptor not a job description and a team-based hiring approach.  We quantify each candidate.