Coaching Essentials for Managers: The Tools You Need to Ignite Greatness in Each Employee

| Author : Sara Canaday, 2022

What’s It All About?

In the competitive and fast-paced world of manufacturing, managers and other leaders need to be more proactive than ever when it comes to attracting and retaining great talent. For many leaders, this might mean stepping up their coaching game to find new ways to make sure all employees feel supported, valued, and ignited into doing their best every day.

Managers can find all the skills they need in Coaching Essentials for Managers: The Tools You Need to Ignite Greatness in Each Employee by leadership development expert (and recent Mindfulness Manufacturing guest) Sara Canaday. In this compelling book, Sara explores the fundamentals and frameworks of great coaching. She also shares real-life examples to highlight how leaders can overcome common coaching challenges.

Coaching Essentials is a great read for managers and leaders who want to get a start of improving their leadership skills. It’s also an accessible read, with three easy-to-digest sections and plenty of resources, including a coaching self-assessment and a toolkit for using coaching essentials to increase your impact.

Favorite Quote

“Coaches start conversations rather than issuing demands. They ask what if it’s a different approach with a higher probability of igniting curiosity within employees and encouraging them to become strategic problem-solvers.”

Biggest Takeaway

Throughout the discussions on the fundamentals of coaching, Coaching Essentials for Managers frequently brought up the importance of building relationships. Before you can coach someone, you need to get to know them. As a leader, this means having frequent check-ins with your team. Ask your team members rich, open-ended questions, and get to know who they are outside of work. For example, find out about their families, their interests, and what they value. By knowing details like these, you’ll be able to build stronger connections and find the best way to communicate when challenges occur.

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel,  June 8, 2023

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