You are a Badass...
How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.

| Author: Jen Sincero in 2013 |

Are you finding yourself spending more time thinking about the things that hold you back from doing what you are born to do, instead of taking that energy and putting it into action? Do you believe in the not yet seen? The universe is full of abundance, and if you believe the opportunity is out there, you will find it! Living in a world of ‘lack of’ and negativity is a complete waste of time.
In this book, You are a Badass, Jen Sincero reminds us that there is greatness in everyone. Who is in control of that? YOU! I have bought about 10 of these books and given them to clients and friends looking to find their greatness, and not all of them have accepted it. You must be ready to take personal accountability for your situation, and then follow up with action; not be a victim of the rules you have chosen to live by, instead living in the present, the moment. If you are serious about making a change you will find a way, if not, you will find excuses.
You give what you get, and this book has changed me in so many ways that make me feel so much better about myself, which allows me to be better for my family, friends and clients. It was monumental, as I knew there was more in me to offer, but I was stuck. The only person that could help me with that, was me. Reading and listening to this over and over, made me think differently. I knew I had to shake it up, create it, and be great every day.
Many people have asked me how I have gone from wanting to change my life, to actually making the change. It came down to getting uncomfortable with myself, and doing things I have never done before, and it does not always work (be ok with some failures!). If you want to live a life you have never lived, you must make changes and do things you have never done.
What is your time worth? Stop messing around saving the dollars and picking up the pennies, and start kicking some butt! Jen’s philosophy drives off the fact that when you spend the money, it will motivate you to make more. Love it!
One of my favourite lines, that Mike and I use often, is ‘this is good because...’. So simple, yet so powerful. Often our situations are exactly how they appear to us. Which is great because we can make them great. I was frustrated because my files, calendars and contacts were a mess. I finally went out and bought everything Apple, they gave me great service, and now I have my act together. Yes, it cost me some good cash to get the latest hardware and software, however I have everything synced now and organized in my business, and it makes me feel Badass! Additionally, my clients will see an improvement in the professionalism, organization, and time management.
Trying to be someone others want you to be, is a complete waste of who you are! And certainly, never apologize for who you are, it lets the whole world down. Keep your frequency high, surrounding yourself with other great people. Are you ready? Read it and become your own BADASS!

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel