How to Bring “The Golden Rule” to the Manufacturing Floor

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Even though most manufacturing leaders have probably heard this “golden rule”, kindness and understanding are not always prioritized in the manufacturing industry. This was the topic of my recent Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast with guest Thom Singer, a professional speaker who specializes in topics like branding, networking, and company growth. In this podcast, Thom shares more about how manufacturing leaders can build lasting relationships, foster collaboration, and turn their team members into their best ambassadors.

Point #1: Stay Curious

To cultivate a productive and fulfilled team, understand that every team member has their own life outside of their work on the manufacturing floor. For example, an employee could be caring for an elderly parent or acting as the sole caregiver for their family. To better understand your team, be curious. Take the time to learn about the unique needs of each employee. Show empathy for their struggles, and understand how their out-of-work lives may influence how they show up at work. By staying curious, you have more chances to show empathy and build connections.

Point #2: Embrace Competition

As a leader, it can be scary to see your employees looking at new jobs on LinkedIn or making connections outside of your company. But in his podcast, Thom emphasizes how competition isn’t always a bad thing. When employees are networking outside of your team, it’s an opportunity for them to showcase all the great things about your company and your leadership. Instead of worrying about losing employees to your competition, focus on turning your employees into your best ambassadors. By offering opportunities for growth, keeping your employees fulfilled, and helping them find the path that’s best for them, you show that you really care. By doing your part to make sure employees feel fulfilled and cared for, you turn them into great ambassadors. You ensure they’ll continue to say positive things about your leadership, even if they leave to seek another role.

Point #3: Allow Growth

Some leaders worry that if they offer their employees opportunities to learn and grow, they’ll take those new skills to another company. This mindset can massively backfire, according to Thom’s podcast. If your employees feel plateaued or unsatisfied, they’re more likely to leave your team. To combat this, find opportunities for growth within your own company. Encourage your team members to grow into their best selves. Acknowledge that sometimes, it might be necessary for an employee to move on. When this happens, show support and understanding. Do everything you can to help the employee leave on positive terms and make sure they’ll continue to say good things about you, even once you no longer work together.

Learn More on the Podcast

These are just a few of the great insights Thom Singer shares on the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast. To learn more about embracing connections, collaboration, and even competition in the manufacturing industry, check out his podcast.

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