Exciting interview Part 1 with the one and only Bill Priamo.  It is not often Bill shares his leadership insights on social media, Mindfulness Manufacturing had the privilege of going deep with Bill on many of his leadership perspectives.  Not your typical leader with a maintenance background.

1/ 2:30 Technology development verses the connection with people

2/ 7:45 Why are we not following the standard work?

3/ 9:35 How you say it and how you do it, and the message sent is not always in how it is received - self-awareness

4/ 11:30 Set the tone - sing a song - don't try to change the world, change yourself

5/ 15:00 Crowd control - keep things in perspective when the pressure is on

6/ 19:00 Walk slow - be present

7/ 23:30 Sharp elbows - developing into how Bill stopped being what people expected him to be and start being who he is - Authenticity