Compassion, Connection, and Conversations: The Key to Transforming Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry just keeps getting greater—and it’s all thanks to passionate, mindful leaders who show up every day ready to engage their teams, improve their mindset, and create an environment where people love to work.

One of these leaders is Karen J. Lund, a bestselling author and keynote speaker with a long career in the steel industry. Drawing on her experience in the steel industry, Karin now leads the team at G-Power Global, an organization she founded to inspires corporate and organizational entities to lead with compassion while continuing to focus on productivity, service, and profits.

Karin recently came onto the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast to talk more about transformations facing the steel industry and manufacturing as a whole. On the podcast, she also shared why compassion, connection, and conversations are the key to unlocking creative solutions, overcoming challenges, and bringing new energy to the manufacturing floor.

Lesson #1: The Role of Connection

In an industry like manufacturing, no one truly works alone! Everything you do in your role on the floor has the opportunity to impact others, just like their actions can impact your own work. This is why it’s crucial to form relationships with others on your team and in your organization. When you have a rapport and a better understanding of someone’s behavior, it becomes easier to voice concerns or offer solutions. With a culture that fosters conversations and connection, you’ll find more productivity, creative outcomes, and a greater sense of connectivity throughout your organization.

Lesson #2: Have Time for Empathy

There’s always time for empathy, even in a fast-paced industry like manufacturing. While compassion might seem like a strange skill to bring to the manufacturing floor, it can actually give you a competitive edge and help you find powerful ways to strengthen and transform your plant. Make a commitment to getting to know your teammates and have the courage to kick off curious conversations. By engaging with your team, you’ll learn the best ways to productively interact and might even open up your mindset to new perspectives.

Lesson #3: Everyone Learns Differently

When you’re engaging with your team, especially if you’re talking to a newer teammate, remember: everyone learns differently. For example, a teammate might have a disorder like dyslexia that requires specific accommodations, or have cultural influences that are different from your own. To find out each teammate’s learning style, it all comes back to curiosity and compassion. Start conversations, show empathy, and expand your mindset to include people with different learning styles than yours.

Learn More with Karin J. Lund

To learn more about compassion and connection with Karin J. Lund, be sure to check out her episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing here. You can also learn more about Karin and her work G-Power Global by visiting her website.