3 Keys Ways Leaders Can Take Their Employees from “Disposable Batteries” to Energized Team Members

Your employees aren’t batteries, so why treat them like they’re disposable or easily replaced? That’s the mindset of Josh Levin, a recent guest on the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast and the CEO of Empowered Electric in Kansas City, Missouri. With his high energy and “people over profit” attitude, Josh is a great example of a leader who knows his employees are the real driving force behind his business. Here are just a few of the great characteristics that leaders like Josh can use to take their employees from “disposable” to energized!

Characteristic #1: Appreciation

If your employees don’t feel valued or appreciation, they’re unlikely to do their best work. An under-appreciated employee might show up and do the bare minimum. An employee who knows they’re valued will be more willing to go above-and-beyond. To create a workplace where employees feel valued and engaged, Josh suggests one easy solution: employee evaluations. By offering regular and thoughtful employee evaluations at Empowered Electric, Josh is able to offer feedback to his team members, learn about their needs or concerns, and work with them to find productive solutions. Most important, evaluations serve as a way for him to connect with his employees.

Characteristic #2: Humility

When I was researching Josh before the podcast, I was struck by a detail on his website. Instead of showing off his own role, he made his employees the face of the company. Even though he is the CEO, he recognizes that his organization isn’t just about him. By making his employees the face and voice of Empowered Electric, he shows how a little humility can go a long way. For leaders, growing this kind of mindset can take time. When you’re near the top, it’s easy to forget that your share your successes—and your failures—with the rest of your team. A way leaders can grow their mindset is by taking a window/mirror approach to how they view themselves and their team, which you can learn more about in this article.

Characteristic #3: Passion

Great leaders are passionate about all aspects of their organization! This includes being passionate about your employees and your culture, but also a passion for growing yourself into a better leader. To grow their passion, Josh recommends leaders “keep their passion tank” filled by studying the behavior of successful people. By doing this, leaders can learn about the characteristics and skills that contribute to success, then find creative and productive ways to reach that mindset for themselves. On the flip side, leaders can also examine the behavior of unsuccessful people. Oftentimes, you can learn important lessons by watching an unsuccessful person, then changing your behavior to go in the opposite direction.

Learn More on the Podcast

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