Your Road to Yes!: How to Build Trust in Yourself and With Others

| Justin Patton, 2022

What’s It All About?

There’s an antidote to every issue in your organization: trust! When you build trust into the foundations of your team or organization, it becomes much easier to address toxic relationships, improve communications, and create an environment where everyone shows up ready to go all in on your goals. Get started on your journey to building more trust with Your Road to Yes!: How to Build Trust in Yourself and With Others by Justin Patton.

In Your Road to Yes, Justin shares how you can bring more trust to your life and organization, just by learning to say “yes!” to three questions:

  1. Do I take people with me along the journey?
  2. Do I create a safe space for people to open up?
  3. Do I make people feel less alone in the world?

These questions in Your Road to Yes serves as a roadmap for finding new ways to use trust to strengthen your leadership, communications, and team relationship. Justin’s book is full of incredible stories and insights. I especially loved his thoughts on how to communicate with togetherness by practicing the following format for making others feel heard:

Of course you feel _______(name the emotion(s))
Because ______________ (describe the actions causing the emotion(s))

Justin writes with a very open and straightforward style, which makes easy to absorb his lessons on trust, accountability, communications, and more. It’s clear that Justin cares about trust and about YOU, his reader!

Favorite Quote

“Trust is the unwavering belief that you will have my back.”

Biggest Takeaway

I walked away from Your Road to Yes thinking about a few of my own personal and workplace relationships, and how I could use Justin’s lessons to improve trust in my own relationships. I’ve been working on practicing vulnerability and having the courage to express my true feelings in my relationships, and it has become more comfortable the more I’ve practiced.

Justin’s book really heightened my awareness on how I can improve even more. It made me realize I need to get in front of the problem when something doesn’t feel right in a relationship. Instead of waiting for the issue to come up, I need to have the courage to ask questions, express my feelings, and build up a sense of trust with the people in my life.

Bonus Information

Justin Patton is an upcoming guest on the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast, where he’ll share more great insights. Stay tuned to make sure you catch his episode!.

Reviewed by: Trevor Blondeel,  April 25, 2024

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